The SPCA in Aylmer has one of the worst cases of animal cruelty it's ever seen on its hands after a three-month-old puppy was dropped off, missing part of its leg.

"This is absolutely the worst case of cruelty I've ever seen. He's obviously never been vetted since this incident," said Jennifer Montague, the shelter manager of the Aylmer SPCA.

Several veterinarians have looked at the dog's wound and have determined the injury happened more than one month ago and was likely caused by deliberate force.

"This would have been the most painful excruciating injury that a puppy could ever go through and he's still full of life," Montague told CTV Ottawa on Monday.

Ben, the Labrador-mix puppy, was dropped off at the SPCA in Aylmer with five other pups. The person who dropped them off, said the dogs belonged to a friend. Although Ben is missing part of his leg, the other dogs are in relatively good health.

Now, Ben needs surgery to remove the rest of his leg. Without surgery, he risks falling on the stump and breaking bones.

In the meantime, the puppy is in the care of a foster family. It's estimated the surgery and related vet bills will cost $2,500, which the SPCA is hoping to raise in the community.

"What we have to do now is look forward for him, and give him the best life possible," said animal caregiver Jim Walker.

The SPCA says because the dogs came from an outlying area, there is no animal control to investigate the case.

"Unfortunately, in this case of cruelty - we'll never know," said Montague.

With a report from CTV Ottawa's Natalie Pierosara

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