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Smoke clears in time for Orleans Craft Beer Festival

Centrum Plaza was buzzing as hundreds enjoyed the final day of the Orleans Craft Beer Festival.

"Today has been outstanding with the weather," Kris Bawden with Calabogie Brewing Co. said.

The three-day festival began Thursday with more than 25 craft beer vendors on hand. The clear, sunny skies drawing Yan Elgin and his friends out to the big tent.

"The sun's out, friends are out, the beer is cold - this is a fantastic day," he said. 

However, the conditions weren't always in their favour. Several events in the city were cancelled earlier this week after the thick smoke from the wildfires blanketed the national capital region.

“When you’re planning outdoor events, you always think, 'What if it rains?' We have a lot of tents available. What we weren't prepared for was preparing for air quality," said organizer Alana Baker. 

As opening day drew closer, organizers kept a close eye to the skies. 

"I remember waking up Wednesday morning and the whole team looked at the air quality at it was very low, so we were fairly confident we would continue and I'm so glad we did," Baker said. 

Festival-goers were thrilled to be back outside on Saturday.

“We've been staying indoors with the windows closed, curtains closed, suffering. Now we're all together enjoying drinks and music with friends,” said Jade Bacon, who was dancing along to the live music. 

"We got tickets months ago; really lucky the smoke cleared out and we were able to come today,” said Ottawa resident Stephanie Richardson. Top Stories


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