ROUND LAKE, ONT. -- Hannah Summers wants to show off the best little places in Renfrew County.

The 25-year-old student and designer started her company called Summers Signature Designs in May. She creates custom clothing designs for small towns in Renfrew County.

“I’m from a small town and I really enjoy small towns, but there’s no where to really get shirts for small towns,” says Summers, inspired by her hometown of Round Lake, Ont.

“It’s really cool because the whole theme of my shirts is explore Renfrew County.”

Summers says she is looking to highlight the hidden gems of the county with her new t-shirt and sweater designs.

“It’s kind of a fun way for me to explore all of the little places that I didn’t even know were here.”

Summers Signature Designs started as a hobby for the new business owner, but with the summer off from teacher’s college and plans to have ongoing summer breaks in the future, Summers applied for the Ontario Summer Company Program, which can award $3000 to someone 15-29-years-old who is not currently working to kick start a new business.

Since starting in May, Summers says she has sold more than 250 items of clothing. Her current designs feature Round Lake, Hurds Lake, Kamaniskeg Lake, Deep River, and Clay Bank. There is even a custom design available in-store at the local shop in Round Lake.

Summers says she is ready to feature any other small town or local gem if requested.

“All the little places are really appreciating it because I think when you’re from a small town and a small community you have a lot of pride in where you’re from and you just love it.”

The 25-year-old plans to finish teacher’s college in the coming school year and continue her new business on the side for as long as possible.

“As long as people are ordering I’ll continue to make things.”

Summers Signature Designs sells t-shirts for $24 and hoodies for $48. To place orders or contact Summers, visit Summers Signature Designs on Facebook.