Ottawa’s cool weather is the perfect environment to make some snow at Nakkertok Ski Club, where an 800 metre ski loop was open Saturday.

Club operators and volunteers say November 11th is the earliest they have ever opened. Saturday’s high today was minus 11, making it the coldest November 11th in decades, according to Environment Canada.

There are currently seven snow guns which have been running since Thursday, creating artificial snow for the loop.  Additional snow making is expected to continue this evening with the goal of having a two and a half kilometre stretch ready for Sunday.

Temperatures need to remain cooler than minus two in order to create snow. Officials are hoping what is on the ground will stick around until natural snow falls.

“I think with the base we’re able to put down right now we should be good for the rest of the year,” said Anton Scheier, part of the snow making committee at Nakkertok Nordic.

Scheier is hopeful this year’s season will run until April.