OTTAWA -- Six Ottawa wards will have new names when residents heads to the polls in the 2022 municipal election, while voters will cast ballots in one ward for the first time.

A report for the Finance and Economic Development Committee outlines the new ward numbers and names for use in the 2022 municipal election after Council voted to add a 24th ward to the electoral grid.

With the increase of wards from 23 to 24, there will be 12 urban wards, nine suburban wards and three rural wards. The report from the city clerk notes some ward boundaries will be realigned, particularly in the southern and eastern parts of the city.

The new ward will be Ward 24 – Barrhaven East. The report says the names of existing wards would be adjusted given the changes to their boundaries and in some cases the addition or removal of certain communities.

Six wards will have new names when residents go to the polls in October 2022.  Here is a look at the new names:

  • Orléans will be renamed Orléans East-Cumberland
  • Innes ward will be renamed Orléans West-Innes
  • Barrhaven will now be Barrhaven West
  • Cumberland will be named Orleans South-Navan
  • Rideau-Goulbourn will be named Rideau-Jock
  • Gloucester-South Nepean will now be named Riverside South-Findlay Creek.

Rideau-Goulbourn Coun. Scott Moffatt announced last November he would change the name of the ward because the town's namesake was a slave owner. The new name for the 2022 municipal election will be Rideau-Jock.

According to the Goulbourn Historical Society, Goulbourn Township was named after Sir Henry Goulbourn, who was the Undersecretary of State in the British Government and signed the Treaty of Ghent for Britain.   In a newsletter to constituents, Moffatt noted Goulbourn was a slave owner.

Staff say councillors may bring forward further individual adjustments to ward names during the 2022-2026 term of council.

Staff plan to launch a public education campaign next spring to inform voters of the new ward names and the 24th ward in Ottawa.

Indigenous Languages for ward names

The report from the City Clerk's office says the city will look at the use of Indigenous languages for ward names in the 2022-206 Governance Review.

"Staff can advise that the use and visibility of Indigenous languages with respect to the City’s ward names will be reviewed in consultation with the Aboriginal Working Committee and the broader Indigenous community through the 2022-2026 Governance Review process," says staff.