Six Ottawa men will appear in court this afternoon charged with a number of offences related to the city's latest drug bust. The arrests were made yesterday after search warrants were issued for several homes.   700 thousand dollars in cocaine and other drugs, along with a cache of guns were also seized  

Project Apache, as it was dubbed, was by headed by Ottawa Police Guns and Gangs Unit, and was assisted by police in Gatineau and Toronto.    The six month investigation was lauched by Police Chief Charles Bordeleau in response to increased gun violence in Ottawa last year.  

 Charged are 29 year old Adil Omer, Abdullahi Egal, 21, Omal Alhamad, 21, Jerome Nahulan, 21, and Mohammed Nour, 20. 

Abdirahman Hussein, 27, of Gatineau is also charged.