The Special Investigation Unit has been called in to investigate after a judge condemned the actions of several Ottawa police officers who subjected an innocent black woman to a violent strip search in September 2008.

Stacy Bonds, a 27-year-old theatrical make-up artist, was walking along Rideau Street when she was stopped by police. They initially let her go but then arrested her for public intoxication when Bonds asked why she had been stopped.

She was then transported to police headquarters on Elgin Street where a male officer cut off her shirt and bra. She was left semi-clothed in a cell for more than three hours.

"I was appalled by the fact that a strip search was undertaken," said Justice Richard Lajoie on Oct. 27. "There is no reasonable explanation for the officer to have cut her shirt and bra off."

Ottawa Police Chief Vern White responded to public outrage over the incident Friday, telling the public that he is taking the judge's ruling very seriously and will co-operate fully with the SIU investigation.

The SIU is mandated to investigate when an incident involving a police officer ends in serious injury or death.

With a report from CTV Ottawa's Catherine Lathem