Although it's not known yet if two sexual assault cases this week at CFB Petawawa are linked, military police note there are some links between the two incidents -- which both briefly put women in Pembroke General Hospital. A man is in custody as police investigate.

"There are some similarities between the cases and it is being investigated; (police) are looking into it," said Maj. Paule Poulin, a spokesperson for the Canadian Forces National Investigation Service.

She declined to elaborate on the similarities as the case is ongoing.

Two assaults in two days

On May 6, a home invasion allegedly took place in the military married quarters at CFB Petawawa. One woman was sexually assaulted and a man fled the scene afterwards, according to police.

One day later, a man assaulted another woman as she walked outside on one of the base's paths, police say.

Both women suffered minor injuries and are now undergoing counselling through the base's victim assistance program.

Case lies with military for now

As the reported incidents took place solely on the military base, jurisdiction lies with CFNIS.

The agency worked with CFB Petawawa military police and the Ontario Provincial Police when arresting the man in custody, and Poulin didn't rule out calling on them again.

She said it's always possible there could be more victims out there, but for the moment the probe has turned up no one else. "We never know where investigations go when they’re ongoing."

No charges have been laid yet, but Poulin noted that if they are the case will likely proceed through military court.

Anyone with information about these cases should call CFNIS at 613-993-7031.