OTTAWA -- With spring-like temperatures in the forecast for Ottawa this week, the Kevin Haime Golf School is giving golfers a reason to smile and dust off the golf clubs.

Kevin Haime tweeted out video Sunday morning of the snowblowers starting to clear the driving range on Hazeldean Road.

"There's a lot of snow, though. Those snowblowers are going to be out for two full days this year," said Haime during an interview on TSN 1200 Sunday morning.

"It will be a big job, but we will be ready."

Haime says if the snow melts, the driving range could be open at the Kevin Haime Golf School this week.

"The real question is, can we get the balls up?" said Haime.

"If we get the melting and it seems like we can send a crew of kids out there to pick up the golf balls, we might open by the mid to end of this week."

Haime adds if Ottawa received five centimetres of snow and it gets cold, they may have to wait a few days.

The Environment Canada forecast calls for a high of 8C Tuesday, 10C on Wednesday and 11C on Thursday.

The average opening for the Kevin Haime Golf School is around March 20.

"We've got two Februarys. In 32 years, we've had two Februarys and two Aprils," said Haime about the earliest and latest opening dates.