OTTAWA -- With Ontario set to remain under a stay-at-home order for at least three more weeks, there are signs COVID-19 fatigue may be at an all-time high.

With the stricter measures now in effect until June 2, willingness to fully adhere to those rules may be diminishing.

"It’s pretty frustrating seeing how things are here, and no restrictions are being loosened, if anything this is the furthest we’ve ever been locked down," said Cassidy Damp.

Damp spent part of Friday afternoon at Mooney's Bay with her kids, one of the few outdoor activities permitted.

But with a longer stay-at-home order in effect, Damp said she may bend the rules.

"I feel safe seeing a couple close friends to be honest, weighing the pros and the cons. I think at this point in the pandemic it’s worth it," said Damp.

Under the stay-at-home order, the rules include:

  • No social gatherings inside or outside, other than with your household
  • Leaving the house should only happen for essential reasons like work, groceries, exercise and physical activity

"The numbers are coming down, that’s great. They’re coming down fast, that’s even better, but what we don’t want to do is open up as we did in February when things were still too high. The numbers are still too high even though they’re coming down," said Dr. Raywat Deonandan, epidemiologist.

However, with the arrival of warmer weather, are enough people listening? Have municipal officials lost the room? It does appear Ottawa Bylaw officers are getting busier.

"(Thursday) was a really nice day and our call volume doubled from the past three days, so we do see once  the weather gets nicer our call volume in parks sky-rise and same thing for social gatherings in private residences,” said Michael Lalonde, public information officer with Ottawa Bylaw and Regulatory Services.

"Even though we’re shutdown, still gotta get out, and feel like we’re doing something," said Corey Whattam and Josee Potvin.

The couple are following the rules and stopped at Mooney’s Bay on Friday while out for a bike ride.

"You start to feel that fatigue especially with sports and golf, that was kind of an outlet, okay I’m going to go golf and that’s kind of your day," said Whattam.

Golf, Tennis and most outdoor amenities are still off limits too.