OTTAWA -- Ottawa Bylaw issued $880 fines to three Ottawa shoppers on Wednesday for failing to wear a mask in an indoor public space during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Bylaw director Roger Chapman tells CTV News Ottawa the three charges were issued for mask violations in contravention of Provincial Orders. The fine for failing to comply with a Provincial Order is $880 including the victim surcharge.

Mayor Jim Watson told Newstalk 580 CFRA's "Ottawa at Work" with Leslie Roberts that Bylaw Services officers fined three shoppers for refusing to wear a mask in big chain stores.

"To the credit of some of these stores, they're trying their very best but they don't have a security operation to try and physically stop people from entering their stores," said Watson on Wednesday morning.

"I think the person who got an $800 fine will think long and hard about trying to go into a store without a mask and being irresponsible and stupid."

Watson says Ottawa Bylaw received complaints from management about people failing to wear a mask.

The fine under Ottawa's Temporary Mandatory Mask Bylaw for failing to wear a face mask in a public place is $280, while Bylaw officers have the authority to issue a fine under the Provincial Order for $880.

In a statement to CTV News Ottawa, Chapman says since Sept. 1, Bylaw officers have issued 49 charges under the Temporary Mandatory Mask Bylaw.

On Sept. 25, officers issued a fine to a person for failing to wear a mask at the Costco on Blair Towers Place. 

In late September, Chapman previously told CTV News Ottawa that one person was charged after being documented "on several occasions" not wearing a mask at work.