An eastern Ontario sheep farmer says coyotes are decimating his flock and there's nothing he can do about it.

Keith Salisbury says his farm in Beckwith Township, located just less than an hour southwest of Ottawa, is vulnerable to coyotes because of a land dispute in the area.

According to Salisbury, the township ordered him to tear down his fence in order to open a shared public road.

He says he was forced to get rid of his llama, which served as a guard animal, after it could no longer be contained.

Without the guard, Salisbury says coyotes killed 10 per cent of his flock over the weekend.

Most of those targeted were pregnant ewes, which he says will set his business back two years.

By law, Salisbury says the township will have to build its own fence to border the new road. He's yet to be given a timeline for that.