An Ottawa taxi driver, accused of sexually assaulting his passenger, was granted bail today.

Arm and arm with his wife and adult daughter, 52-year-old Nidal Zeiti, left the Ottawa courthouse free on bail.

As he left the court, Zeiti denied responsibility for the assault.

“She assaulted me.” He said.

Zeiti was arrested after police obtained images from his taxi's surveillance camera.

Police were investigating after a 20-year-old woman says she was sexually assaulted inside a taxi early Sunday morning.

The GPS monitoring in Blue Line Taxis led police to Zeiti's cab.

Among the conditions of his bail, Zeiti cannot operate a taxi or a vehicle that could be mistaken for one. He can't have contact with his accuser, or be alone with any female that is not a member of his family.

Zeiti will be back in court on December 19th.

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