Sex, lies and videotape. That formed the focus of today's testimony in the Jagtar Gill murder trial, with both the defence and crown lawyers trying to push their theory of who killed Jagtar Gill and why. This was day three for Bhupinderpal Gill on the witness stand and it was a confusing day about who said what and who did what.

Court saw surveillance footage from Sobey’s taken the day of Jagtar Gill's murder that formed the focal point for the lawyer defending Gurpreet Ronald. In the video, Bhupinderpal Gill is seen entering the store with his daughter and nephew to buy a few things for his 17th wedding anniversary. Gurpreet Ronald enters the store minutes after Gill arrives. It's about 12:38, approximately 20 minutes before Gill will discover his wife bludgeoned and stabbed to death in their Barrhaven home. Gill confirmed on the stand today that Ronald had called him a couple of times before she arrived at the store. They all exit together then Ronald and Gill have a brief conversation alone. Gill told Ronald’s lawyer Michael Smith that Ronald was just asking him to go to IKEA with him. Previously the Crown has contended that that conversation involved Ronald telling Gill his wife was dead and that it was safe to go home. 

But Ronald's lawyer had another theory suggesting Ronald was visibly upset. 

"Did she say "I was just at your house?" Michael Smith, Gurpreet Ronald's lawyerasks Gill.

"No" Gill asserts. 

"Did she say "what the f@#&? Do you know what's going on at your house?" Smith asked?

"No, I don't know what you're talking about." Gill responds.

Michael Smith then suggests to Gill that his relationship with Ronald wasn't very sexual because he had personal issues that caused him pain.  Gill vehemently denied that suggestion but added that if Gurpreet was saying that, he could accept it.

The Crown then cross examined Gill, going over his relationship with Ronald. Gill testified that he never had feelings for Gurpreet Ronald.  But the Crown wasn't buying it. 

“The truth is you were very much in love with Ronald" Crown Prosecutor Jason Neubauer stated, "As time went on you wanted to be with her and her only. And you came to hate Jagtar for the happiness you thought she was denying you" 

Gill said, "No, that’s not true, I never said anything like that to anyone."

The Crown also focused on Gill’s confusing explanation about washing the knives and hiding the bloodied bar.  Gill is back on the stand Wednesday morning.