BELLEVILLE - Convicted murderer Russell Williams is denying that a woman he tied up and sexually assaulted is entitled to compensation from him for pain and suffering.

In a statement of defence by the sex killer in a lawsuit launched by Laurie Massicotte in Belleville, Ont., he says she will have to prove her claims in court.

Massicotte, who has chosen to reveal her identity and speak publicly about her ordeal, filed a nearly $7-million lawsuit in September against Williams.

She says the attack left her fearful, humiliated, depressed, suicidal, unable to function in society and that she will require extensive therapy, as will her three daughters.

Massicotte is also suing the province, alleging the provincial police failed to warn her about other break-ins in the area, which were later found to be perpetrated by Williams.

The province has also now filed its statement of defence, denying it had a duty to warn Massicotte in the circumstances of the case.

The allegations have not been proven in court.