It has been a tough week for the owners of a car dealership on Bank Street after two unfortunate events.  

A fire broke out at M.G International Auto Sales on Friday night just days after a vehicle in their lot was damaged in a wild police chase on Wednesday.

Samanta Akl, an employee at the family owned business, said intense smoke filled the building Friday around 10p.m.

“It’s been stressful, definitely,” said Samatha Akl. “You know after the police chase with the guy we thought ya that’s it, everyone is going to relax, and then this happens.”

Akl’s father and business owner, Michel, said he grabbed a fire extinguisher and tried to keep the blaze under control until firefighters arrived and took over.

The fire was quickly under control but the building had fire damage to the roof and the garage. Ottawa Fire officials said damage is estimated under $20,000.

The fire is not the first time emergency crews had to respond to the shop this week. Track marks are still visible outside the building where the driver of a stolen pick-up truck went through the company’s posts - hitting a vehicle they had up for sale.

Police allege a man stole a pick-up truck in Cornwall Wednesday morning and crashed into several vehicles in Ottawa before being arrested. The Akl’s were one of multiple victims that day.

Despite both events the family decided to remain open on Saturday and sold two vehicles.

“Right away we have our crews working on it and everyone is doing well. We had customers coming in and we’re still open you know what I mean, we’re just working around everyone and trying our best, that all,” said Samanta.

The car dealership is the family’s livelihood so to face two difficult situations that put the business at risk has been hard on the family.

“I’ve been here since 3a.m., we didn’t sleep, just working, working but today we had a good day too, we sold cars again so perfect… it’s my life,” said Michel.