Parliament Hill was the scene of a peaceful demonstration Saturday as Serbian-Canadians in Ottawa and across the country rallied to fight for an undivided Serbia.

"Kosovo means a lot to the Serbian people. It's the home of our religion and culturally it's of great significance to us," said Radmila Swann, a rally organizer.

The roughly 300 protesters were calling on the Canadian government to reject Kosovo's recent announcement of independence from Serbia.

"We are very encouraged that Prime Minister Harper has not yet recognized Kosovo as an independent state. We are hoping his answer will be 'no,'" said Vukica Djurik, of the Ottawa Serbian Heritage Society.

Afternoon demonstrations were also held in Toronto, Winnipeg and Calgary.

This is the second time Kosovo has declared independence. The first was back in 1990, when there was virtually no backup from countries around the world.

This time, Kosovars have the backing of nations like the U.S., the U.K. and France.

Here at home, many are waiting to see if the Canadian government will follow suit.

Last weekend, thousands of Serbian-Canadians marched outside the U.S. consulate in Toronto and hundreds more past the U.S. consulate in Montreal, saying Kosovo's declaration on Feb. 17 is illegal and violates international law.

Protests by Americans who oppose the U.S. recognition of Kosovo are also planned for Chicago Saturday and in front of the United Nations in New York on Sunday.

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