The Ottawa Senators have unveiled the jerseys for the Scotiabank NHL100 Classic at TD Place.

The Sens face the Montreal Canadians on December 16th.

The Senators will wear red uniforms trimmed in black, silver and white, with a large white “O” crest. The “O” originated from the first generation of the franchise through the team’s current uniforms.

On its website, the Senators say “we wanted to create a jersey that inspires our fans is a celebration of this once-in-a-lifetime event taking place in the Heart of the nation.” It adds “Ottawa’s hockey history has a strong and storied association to the striping pattern and we wanted our jersey that that celebrates the 2017 Scotiabank NHL 100 Classic to be representative of that rich history.”

The Senators say the colour silver was “used uniquely in each uniform design as a symbolic accent, drawing a direct connection to the NHL’s Centennial Celebration narrative."

The Senators jersey for the Scotiabank NHL100 Classic is available at the Sens Store and online.