Ottawa Senators centre Mike Fisher says his wedding to country superstar Carrie Underwood was everything he hoped for.

"It was awesome. The wedding was everything we wanted it to be. It was obviously a very special day for both of us, a lot of good friends and family. We had a great weekend and honeymoon – we had a great time," Fisher told reporters who attended his annual hockey camp in Ottawa on Wednesday.

Although he's used to answering questions from sports media, Fisher says he's still not used to the glam and paparazzi that follow his new wife.

"It is what it is. I'm never really used to it. She's used to it, but it's a little different for me and learning to deal with it. It's part of life I guess now and you can use it for good or bad too."

He added most of the paparazzi usually sneak around, and even when they spot the couple, the cameras aren't usually pointed at him.

"If I'm with her, they're not looking at me, so that's good."

Staying in Ottawa

As for the future, Fisher says he plans to stay in Ottawa for as long as the team will have him. He says he likes Ottawa, and Underwood does too.

"I love it here in Ottawa. She likes it, she knows how much I like it and I want to stay here my whole career if possible. And it won't be just up to me, it will be up to the team too after my contract is up," said Fisher.

"We're both comfortable here. Home is where we are, so let's make this home."

Although the couple likes Ottawa, their careers won't give them too much time in the same city, making it difficult to have a home base, Fisher said.

"Probably the airport will be the main residence," he joked. "There will be lots of travelling. We'll be all over, so it's all good."

The couple married on July 10 before 250 guests at the Ritz Carleton at Reynolds Plantation, a posh Georgia resort near Atlanta.

The wedding was featured in a six-page spread in People Magazine earlier this month. The issue sold out at many Ottawa locations.