Ottawa's favourite hockey team plans to raise ticket prices on premium games.

The closer it is to game day, the higher the cost will be for some of the seats.

Team officials say they have no choice because other ticket resellers are already doing it.

"We really want fans to know that when they are buying, buy early and reward those that do," said Sens president Cyril Leeder.

But some say, in addition to rewarding loyal fans, early-bird prices punish families who can't plan that far ahead.

"It's hard to know what we're doing … often we make plans within a week or two weeks before hand," said hockey-mom Trish Capello.

She also said she won't buy tickets at the increased price.

The Sens say they are just trying to keep up with other ticket retailers.

Big games like the "Battle of Ontario" could be more expensive than usual.

Stub Hub, for example, is re-selling a lower level seat for $333; the Sens sell the same seat for $200.

It adds up to a lot of profit not going to the hockey team.

Officials say even if there are a lot of unsold seats heading into a game, tickets will not be going on sale.

"I don't think that's fair," said Angela Thoday. "If anything they should b cheaper if they haven't sold them."

With a report from CTV's Kate Eggins