Ottawa Senators goalie Ray Emery says he's been stopped by Ottawa police for at least 30 routine checks within the last two years.

He says his most recent traffic stop happened last week when he was driving his Hummer.

Emery told TSN's "Off the Record" he is only ever pulled over when he's driving his Hummer.

"I had a rental (car) for three months and I didn't get a routine check once. It could be becaue it's licensed to a dealer so when they run the plates it doesn't show up 'Ray Emery,'" Emery said.

Ottawa police say if Emery is suspicious about the number of times he's been pulled over, he should file a formal complaint with the police department.

"If the public feels they were unjustly mistreated by the police then the public has this avenue to take a hold of," said Const. Alain Boucher of the Ottawa police.

Ottawa Senator forward Dany Heatley says Emery needs to be left alone so he can concentrate on his game.

"He's gone through enough this year, I think he's focused on hockey. He just wants to play well and help this team win down the stretch," said Heatley.