Ottawa Senators fans say they are crushed about the Karlsson trade.

After months of speculation and rumours, the Senators traded the star defenceman to the San Jose Sharks on Thursday.

 “It’s horrible... it’s basically gutting the heart of the Ottawa Senators.” says Luc Seguin, “I’ll be really disappointed not to see Karlsson on the ice.”

Seguin’s friend Scott Fitzsimmons says “It is a big loss for the team; it’s devastating, a big blow to the team.

Karlsson is a two-time Norris Trophy winner. He spent the last nine seasons in Ottawa. From Sweden, Karlsson was drafted by the Senators with the 15th overall pick in the 2008 NHL Entry Draft. He made his debut in Ottawa the following year.

“Out of anyone that played for the Ottawa senators- Karlsson was the biggest name going!” says Jeff Francis. He moved to Ottawa from Nova Scotia in January. He says Karlsson was always the talk of the town. “All anyone talked about was Karlsson, radio, TV. Everyone!”

Karlsson was traded along with minor-leaguer Francis Perron the Sharks for two draft picks, two prospects and current NHL players Chris Tierney and Dylan DeMelo.

Jan Blackmore says, “It was beneficial to the team in the long run. it was the best trading card they had so they traded him off to get something better in the long run.”

As fans grasp with the idea of the Ottawa Senators without Erik Karlsson- they have nothing but well wished to the now former Captain.

Including Jeremy Preslend who says, “I really wish him well in san Jose. He is going to have a great career and he is going to have a fantastic career. And hopefully he gets a ring... god speed- good luck!”