OTTAWA -- Given the greater risk to the elderly should they contract COVID-19, Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health is “strongly recommending” that anyone over the age of 70 self-isolate.

Dr. David Williams made the new recommendation after Ontario announced 351 new cases of COVID-19 on Monday.

“Given the greater risk of severe outcomes to Ontarians who are elderly, I am also strongly recommending individuals over 70 years of age self-isolate,” said Dr. Williams.

“I take it seriously,” said Ottawa realtor Liz Vittorini. “I see what my family in Italy is going through and this is not a laughing matter.”

Vittorini also has a compromised immune system and has put her business on hold, for now.

“I don’t show any more properties,” she said. “I’m too afraid, no matter how careful anyone is.”

The recommendation also applies to those with compromised immune systems or underlying health conditions.

The advice is to only leave your home for “essential errands” like groceries. People are encouraged to seek out resources online or on the phone and to ask friends, family or neighbours for help with groceries.

“You have to totally lean on everyone in your circle and don’t be afraid to ask for help,” said MAJIC 100’s Stuntman Stu who is battling leukemia. “This is the time to ask for help, we’re all in the same boat.”