Although tight security will make the chances of seeing U.S. President Barack Obama slim during his visit to the capital, officials say the best opportunity for people to try to catch a glimpse of the American president will be on Parliament Hill.

Police say there won't be any chance for onlookers to spot President Barack Obama when he arrives at the Ottawa International Airport Thursday morning, and road closures will prevent people from getting close to the presidential motorcade.

Police say security for Obama's visit will be consistent with other presidential visits and costs are pegged at $2 million.

Ottawa police Supt. Charles Bordeleau said officials are working to "help everyone understand and react to any threat" that could occur during the visit.

"Preparation requires proactive activity to anticipate crisis," he told reporters during a security briefing Tuesday.

Obama is scheduled to arrive at the Ottawa International Airport at about 10:30 a.m. Thursday.

Security officials say airspace above Ottawa will be closed for two 45-minute periods for Obama's arrival and departure.

Although the disruptions are expected to cause delays for many travellers, no flight cancellations are expected.

Various roads will also be closed throughout the city, starting at 7:30 a.m.

Roads that will be impacted include:

  • Airport Parkway to the downtown core
  • Wellington Street from Lyon to Rideau
  • Elgin Street Northbound from Laurier to Wellington
  • Elgin Street Southbound from Wellington to Queen
  • Colonel By from Main to Wellington
  • MacKenzie from St Patrick to Wellington
  • Sussex from George to Rideau
  • Daly from Nicholas to Colonel By

Police say there are several routes planned for the presidential motorcade and advise motorists that last-minute disruptions can happen with little or no notice.

With a report from CTV Ottawa's John Hua