OTTAWA -- From no tobogganing at Mooney’s Bay because of large crowds to being asked to stay off the Rideau Canal Skateway if you do not live nearby, many families are searching for a compromise knowing how crucial outdoor activity is. 

"As a parent with young kids who’s trying to work full-time, my partner’s trying to work full-time, and the days are just so intense and kind of all that we have right now is getting out and going to some of these places so it’s hard, I also understand from a public health standpoint," said Emily Wilson.  

"We’re in a situation where we have to follow science and public health guidelines but I think mental health is also important right now and trying to find that balance is so key."

The recent snowfall has helped create great cross-country skiing conditions across the national capital region, while a section of the Rideau Canal Skateway opens for the season on Thursday.

Many experts believe that a compromise amid the COVID-19 restrictions can be found. 

"The larger message is that we should be encouraging not discouraging doing outdoor activities," said Mark Tremblay with the CHEO Research Institute and chair of Outdoor Play Canada.

"So even in the context of Mooney’s Bay and the canal and other related things I think the messaging should be how to do it safely and there are opportunities to do that."