You may have noticed young people in uniform walking around the downtown core.

2300 Scouts from 81 countries are here for the 14th World Scout Moot.

"A moot is a Scout camp for Rovers Scouts from all over the world," said Dimitris Aggelis, who is visiting from Greece.

It's a chance for 18 to 26-year-olds to discover Canada, and learn from each other.

" In my patrol, we're already talking about different meals that we can cook, different languages, different greetings, I think it's good they mix all of the different cultures together," said Katarina McDowell from Australia.

Sex abuse scandals have rocked the Scouting movement in recent years.

But many believe events like this will help restore its reputation.

" To see 18 to 26 year olds, not the little ones like Cubs, but older people being part of society, it will bring a good image to Scouting," said Simon Boucher of Montreal.

A World Scout Moot only happens once every four years.

In addition to camping at Awacamenj Mino's park, north of Ottawa, the Scouts will visit Montreal, Toronto, and Quebec City.