A popular teacher and coach at St. Pius X school is on the sidelines right now, but her school community is hoping to change that.

Last summer, Angelina Santaromita-Villa experienced headaches and blurred vision. A battery of tests lead to the discovery of a large pineal gland cyst. Doctors remain optimistic that the cyst is non-cancerous, but it has to be removed. The surgery is scheduled for December in Houston, Texas.

"It means brain surgery in six weeks to get my life back to where it was," says Santaromita-Villa. The search for leading-edge surgeons led her to the US, but it's become an expensive journey to get her health back. That's where the students and staff at St. Pius want to help.

They've been organizing fundraisers to help contribute to some of the medical bills, including a touch football tournament on Friday.

"She is the best coach I've ever had," one student says of Miss Villa, as she's known at the school.

The teachers have set up a Go Fund Me page to help raise funds as well.