A 26-year-old Ottawa school bus driver has been fired after police allegedly found beer on board a bus outside an elementary school in the city's west end Thursday afternoon.

Ottawa police say they checked on the driver after receiving a tip from a man who reported watching him drink beer while he was parked outside Terre-des-Jeunes French Catholic school.

"I got a beautiful profile . . . obviously the long stem and then he went and I saw him actually bring out another bottle," alleged Dennis Caron, whose apartment looks out on the school grounds.

"He's about to drive kids from Kindergarten to Garde 6. I mean, what are these kids going to do, get up and smell his breath? I mean, they have no way of protecting themselves."

Police say although the driver's blood alcohol level was under the legal limit, it was high enough for a 12-hour suspension.

The bus company has since fired the driver, citing a zero-tolerance policy for drinking.