OTTAWA -- Saunders Farm is inviting you to enjoy a spring campfire with your loved ones at their property in Munster.

With physical distancing measures and other restrictions on gatherings in place during the COVID-19 pandemic, Saunders Farm says its team is “creating new experiences to serve our community, while meeting the current safety guidelines and gathering restrictions.”

Mark Saunders of Saunders Farm tells CTV News Ottawa "we are offering a safe night" for families of up to five people, adding Saunders Farm has been in contact with the City of Ottawa regarding its plans.

Starting May 21, Saunders Farm is offering “campfires” every Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

“Get outside and enjoy a campfire with your loved ones,” Saunders Farm says on its website.

“Our newest experience is perfect for a family outing, date night, or small gathering of up to five people.”

Saunders Farm is offering a “Family Night” or a “Date Night” campfire package, which includes an hour-and-a-half campfire and snacks. The “Date Night” campfire includes a bottle of wine or bottles of sparkling apple cider.

You can book a campfire experience on the Saunders Farm website.

Saunders Farm has also launched “Saunders Farm Essentials”, a new online store and food shop for people.