Tired of walking the aisles of your local grocery store in search of fresh food for your fridge? There's a new app for you.

Loblaw has teamed up with Instacart to bring online shopping and same-day delivery to urban Ottawa consumers. 

"Occasionally people like to spend some time grocery shopping, but more often than not it is a chore," said Andy Anthony, Instacart Canada's General Manager. "So we want to that chore out of their lifestyle and give them very easy online solution for that."

To use the service, shoppers must download the Instacart app or log in to the company's website. From there shoppers can select and put items into a virtual cart and choose a delivery time and date. Customers can also use the app to communicate specific requests.

"You fill your cart with all your favourite items and then you can also get really particular and send some notes to people who are picking your order," Anthony added. "If you want to buy avocados on Wednesday but you will not be eating them until Saturday, you can actually specify that you want those avocados hard so that they will ripen over time."

Consumers can schedule deliveries within one hour, two hours or up to five days in advance. Those orders are all picked up and delivered by so-called "Instacart shoppers." The shoppers are paid per order size as well as per delivery. 

So, what does it cost? The company says deliveries over $35 dollars start at $3.99 or customers can chose to pay $9.99 a month for unlimited deliveries. Both options have a 7.5% processing fee added to the total bill. 

But this isn't the first of its kind in Ottawa. Some Metro stores already offer delivery to customers who have purchased and chosen their order in store. Both Loblaw and Walmart offer curb side pick-up on orders placed online, and independent InstaBuggyoffers shoppers the opportunity to purchase items online with delivery in as little as one hour. 

Instacart launched in Toronto late last year and is already in states right across the United States. 

The company says it tries to keep prices on its app comparable to the regular in-store prices, but admits some prices online might be higher. It also says it does not "honor in-store discounts", but we do offer exclusive coupons for select items." It goes on to say that all prices on Instacart are based on the prices set by the retailer and that where the prices are marked "Same as in store", the retailer has set the prices to reflect, on average, the in-store prices of that retailer in your local area.