The provincial government is getting ready to buy a popular Ottawa pub. The Royal Oak on Echo Drive is one of the businesses the province will have to expropriate, in order to replace aging bridges on the Queensway through the core.

Four spans of the Queensway need to be replaced. Because of the size of the operation, large staging areas will be needed.

Frank Vanderlaan, area manager, highway engineering with the Ministry of Transportation says, “building the new bridges, we need a lot of room, and the case of the canal we are actually look at a few properties to acquire in order to do the work we need to do. “

At city hall today, the Ministry of Transportation presented their plan for the first time.

The properties the province will buy include: Royal Oak Pub at 221 Echo Drive; Greek on Wheels at 3 Main Street and Cyco's Cycling Shop at 5 Main Street.

CTV News reached out to the Royal Oaks head office but has of Wednesday afternoon, as not heard back.

Officials did not say how much the expropriations will cost taxpayers, only that the bridge replacement itself is a multi-million dollar infrastructure project.

Construction is not expected to start until 2025.