OTTAWA -- Gurpreet Ronald, co-accused of murder in the death of her former lover's wife, denied killing Jagtar Gill in court Thursday. 

Ronald said she did not strike or stab Gill, who was found bludgeoned to death in her Barrhaven home in 2014. She said she went to the home to pick up tools and that she left in a panic when she saw Gill's body. 

During coss-examination, Bhupinderpal Gill's lawyer James Harbic suggested Ronald went to the home and "something set you off into a rage while you were there."

"No, that's not true," Ronald said. 

Harbic alleged Ronald dismantled the cable box, grabbed a weightlifting bar and disconnected the phone in the office. 

"I'm going to suggest to you ma'am, that you were in a rage or you were extremely upset and that you at first hit Mrs. Jagtar Gill numerous times with that bar," Harbic stated.

"No, that's not true," Ronald replied. 

"And that you became aware that Jagtar was still alive and so you grabbed the knife... the knife that you took and threw in the woods…and that you stabbed her with it repeatedly," Harbic pressed. 

"No," Ronald said. 

Ronald had previously testified that her DNA was found at the scene because she cut her finger on the knife as she tried to wipe blood off of it. 

Earlier this month, Bhupinderpal Gill also took to the stand in his own defence and denied that he ever discussed killing his wife with Ronald. 

Through an interpreter, he admitted to being worried Jagtar would find out about the affair.  

The Crown alleges Gill's role was in part to make sure Jagtar, who was recovering from surgery, would be home alone. 

Ronald and Gill have both pleaded not guilty to first degree murder.