Not everyone can solve a Rubiks’ cube.

Only a rare few can solve it 5 times in a row in an average time of 12.56 seconds.

And only one person in the world has done that using just one hand.

Meet Antoine Cantin, a high school student from Clarence-Rockland, Ontario, and now a Rubik’s cube world record holder for the fastest average time for one-handed-cube-solving.

Who knew that was even an event?

Welcome to the wonderful world of speedcubing, where the competition is fast, furious, and remarkably varied. You can solve the cube two-handed, one-handed, with feet only, or even blindfolded. And records are kept for both single and average times.

Cantin set his new world record at a speedcubing event in Toronto over the weekend.

At just 15 years of age, Cantin is already one of Canada’s top speedcubers. He presently holds 7 Canadian records in various events. He’s been cubing for close to 5 years, having learned the art from his older brother, Andre.

Cantin is also making Clarence-Rockland something of a speedcubing hotspot. He’s a member of Le Club de Cube L’Escale, based at his school, Ecole Secondaire Catholique L’Escale. His father is the club’s adult volunteer.

On Saturday, May 17th, the club is hosting the National Capital Region 2014 speedcubing competition at the Optimist Performance Hall in Rockland.