An east Ottawa school council that had $70,000 go missing from its bank account will be able to pay for its programs going forward.

Rockcliffe Park Public School's council said Friday it has a plan with the Ottawa-Carleton District School board and "community partners" to pay all outstanding liabilities.

This includes Bettye Hyde Cooperative Nursery School's after-school program, which had said it would close Friday if it didn't get the $35,000 it was owed, as well as the milk and pizza programs.

Council president Elise Zarkadas said on their website they will vote on two motions at a Tuesday meeting: that council finances be managed through the school board's financial system and held at the school, and to make paying off debt and continuing programs the council's top financial priority.

"We are optimistic that we can continue to build on the support that has been expressed in the community and that we can work together to move beyond this very unfortunate situation," she said in the posting.

Police are investigating after parents noticed the missing money in February, with Bettye Hyde claiming they hadn't been paid since the beginning of December.

The council had previously asked for a loan from the school board, before realizing their own rules prohibited that.

Instead, they had asked the school board in mid-April if it could pay for the programs to continue this year.

Rockcliffe Park's school council meeting is Tuesday at 7 p.m. in the school's Queen Juliana Hall.