Gas prices in Ottawa that cracked $1.25 a litre Friday morning are having an effect on drivers and the local businesses who serve them.

Ottawa ride-sharing service Vrtucar has had to charge customers more for their pay-as-you-drive service.

"As of January 1 we actually had to put in a fuel surcharge and that increased the fuel price 1.3 cents," said Vrtucar president Wilson Wood. "We know it's going to increase probably more."

Wood said this goes along with other rising costs, including tire costs up 15 per cent.

Donnelly Ford said they're seeing customers make gas more of a factor when they come to the dealership.

"People are starting to look at smaller cars, trending towards fuel efficient vehicles and that's something I think we're getting a big push with," said Tom Donnelly with Donnelly Automotive Group.

Drivers are seeing the prices make an impact when they have to make long trips.

"I did a trip from Sault St. Marie yesterday and it cost me about $140 to get here," said Andrew Mazi, whose sports car needs premium fuel. "I probably could've taken the bus cheaper, or maybe even flew."

Gas prices this time last year were 99 cents.

With a report from CTV Ottawa's John Hua.