There are several local ridings that could be close and the candidates are hoping to secure votes from undecided constituents.

Ridings to watch include Carleton, Kanata-Carleton, Orléans and Ottawa-Centre.

In Carleton, Conservative incumbent Pierre Poilievre has removed party branding on some signs.

“I’ve been a lone, local voice of accountability for the Federal Liberals on their broken promises, scandals and higher taxes and it’s important to have that kind of accountability,” he said.

Poilievre defeated Liberal candidate Chris Rodgers by about 2,000 votes in 2015. Rodgers is hoping this time he will come out ahead.

“We’re talking about local issues, extending light rail to Stittsville, getting a community centre with a pool in Riverside South and making sure that even in rural areas, we have access to accessible high speed internet,” Rodgers said.

In Kanata-Carleton it could be a tight race between incumbent Liberal Karen McCrimmon and Conservative Justina McCaffrey. Today McCrimmon highlighted several debates where the Conservative candidate did not show up.

“If she can’t even bother to show up during an election... what kind of member of parliament is she going to be for the four years following,” McCrimmon said.

In Orléans, it could be anyone’s game after Liberal Andrew Leslie announced he would not run again. The riding tends to go with whoever wins government.

In Ottawa-Centre, NDP candidate Emilie Taman is hoping to take over the riding from a high profile senior cabinet minister.

“You’ve got an Environment Minister as the incumbent who is responsible for the purchase of a pipeline and that’s something that people do not agree with,” Taman said. “They want to see the type of action on climate change that will get us where we need to go.”

A McKenna loss would be a major upset.

All of the candidates have one last weekend to secure votes with many Canadians waiting until the last minute to decide.