OC Transpo users faced the first day of the biggest changes in Ottawa public transit history Sunday after many routes were cut or changed.

City officials said the changes were to make the system more efficient, but some users said their rides are now anything but that.

"There used to be a 156 that came down Carling and around in behind Carlingwood," said Martin Dale, who now has to take two buses to get to church instead of one. "It doesn't go anymore at all, and there are a lot of seniors there that are without bus service."

The cuts will save the city $22 million over the next three years, and the city said those who follow general 9-to-5 routines won't be greatly affected.

Those who rely on buses at other times, like seniors and students, said they won't have it quite as easy.

"All my buses are cut. They replaced all of them with one route which is the 111," said Maha Iraqi. "Of course they are economizing but at our expense."

Iraqi, who is new in Canada to study her PhD at Carleton University, said the transit system in this capital city is disappointing.

"I've been in other capital cities around the world and you can feel the difference," she said.

Not everyone is upset with the changes, with some saying as long as you plan your trip well you can work with them.

"You know your route so you can go," said Fassah Lamah.

OC Transpo's hoping its users do just that – rolling out bus stop ads and even automated announcements on buses themselves during the weeks before the changes.

You can go to http://checkyourroute.ca to see if your route has changed.

With a report from CTV Ottawa's Stefan Keyes