Ottawa residents affected by the July's west-end flooding say solutions from a series of public meetings simply represent band-aids for their problems.

Residents who attended say they were told to install backflow valves and other short term measures instead of a long-term fix from the city.

"I'm always hoping that they come back with something and they'll help people out, but it just seems like it's never coming," said Glen Cairn resident Scott Robinson.

But Councillor Peggy Feltmate said $18 million has been set aside for a future solution.

Severe flash floods on July 24 deluged hundreds of basements in Kanata, mostly in the Glen Cairn neighbourhood.

For many residents, it was the third major flood in the last 13 years. Some still can't get insurance, and many are still making repairs.

Although city officials have admitted they were too slow responding to residents in need, city staff said there was no negligence and therefore no liability.

With a report from CTV Ottawa's John Hua