RENFREW -- A&E Cleaning and Companionship offers more than just dusting and vacuuming.

The Renfrew cleaning company is filling the spaces in peoples’ lives while cleaning the spaces in their homes.

"It’s something that we noticed is missing in today’s world and society, is the interaction with other people right now," says Adam Cadieux, one of the co-owners of A&E Cleaning and Companionship. "It’s a friend and not just a cleaner that comes in and cleans, and takes the money and runs."

Of course, Cadieux and co-owner Edina Hanson will clean your home as well, along with completing any odd jobs needed.

The business started about a year ago and started to flourish when the cleaning and sanitization craze of COVID-19 hit, and now they’re seeing the second half of their service become just as important.

So many in isolation during the pandemic are now looking for that social interaction.

"It has been that cherry on top that people didn’t realize they wanted until we actually get in there and start talking to them," says Hanson. "If one of us is cleaning, one of us might be chatting, or both of us might be cleaning then after we’ll chat."

The Ontario government has deemed domestic services, such as cleaning, essential for seniors and the vulnerable population. Now both A&E and their clients are finding that the companionship part of the service is just as essential.

"Oh, it’s more essential," says Glenda Bidwell. The 66-year-old has had the pair over to clean her home twice now. “I mean you can get anybody to come in and clean, but to me it’s having that social interaction.”

Bidwell has a grandson and great grandkids in Pembroke, but has not had any social interaction since before Christmas.

"When you’re alone so much, having someone just to listen to you and be interested in what you’re saying, that’s nice. And they’re throwing that in on the job."

Cadieux says it is rewarding work, and the business is establishing regulars after the first visit. “We just wanted to provide something where we’re cleaning the space but we’re helping clear their head too.”