The use of reinforced gloves within the Ottawa Police Service has come into question after the officer charged in the death of Abdirahman Adbi was pictured wearing what appears to be a pair of hard knuckle gloves.  

The former head of Ontario’s Special Investigations Unit, André Marin, wants Ottawa’s Police Chief to divulge which officers wear the gloves and why.

“You’ve got a glove that’s equivalent to a brass knuckle and can be very dangerous - answer the question,” Marin said.

Sources tell CTV that reinforced gloves are not part of the standard uniform of the Ottawa Police Service, and that the gloves were purchased outside normal procedure.

In an e-mail to CTV Ottawa, Police Chief Charles Bordeleau confirmed he has ordered an audit of all gloves within the Ottawa Police Service.

“We have internal policies and procedures with respect to the issuance of clothing and equipment for our members which are being reviewed as part of the audit,” Bordeleau said.

Bordeleau declined further comment stating it would be in breach of the SIU regulations.

The President of the Police Association of Ontario (PAO) could not provide specifics regarding protocol for Ottawa Police officers , but knows officers within Ontario who purchase their own gloves, or are given reinforced gloves for safety reasons.

“Car accidents where they need to smash a window, a child stuck in a hot car, also contagious and infectious diseases as well, it protects the officer,” said PAO President, Bruce Chapman.

Chapman, a former officer, could not recall any other instance where reinforced gloves were brought into question.

PAO members will meet to review uniform regulations on Tuesday.

Marin said any changes should be disclosed to the public regarding what police will use on the street and why.