OTTAWA -- The new Ottawa REDBLACKS quarterback isn’t letting the COVID-19 pandemic stop his preparations for the upcoming season, and he’s inviting fans to join him for virtual workouts.

Nick Arbuckle has started posting workout suggestions on his Instagram stories feed.  The workouts include exercises with weights, and shows followers how to turn items at home into an exercise tool.

Speaking with CTV Morning Live Friday, Arbuckle explained why he wanted to share his workouts with his followers and offer a few tips.

“For me personally, just kind of getting through a lot of hard times and trying to always persevere through obstacles throughout my life, I always found that exercise was always a good tool for me, just both physically and mentally to find a happy place,” said Arbuckle.

“So I thought this would be a great way to at least give a little back about what I know, what I’ve experienced with, to help anybody out there who might be looking for just a little bit of help.”

Arbuckle says you don't need to be a professional football player to enjoy the benefits of exercising. 

“Exercise, and staying in shape, and finding just something to put your effort and your energy into that you care about is important no matter what profession you’re in.”

Arbuckle has also posted videos showing his preparations for the upcoming season.  In one video, titled “first sack of 2020”, Arbuckle is shuffling through cones on a street in his neighbourhood.

Arbuckle was also working out at TD Place last week, running drills in the REDBLACKS locker room.

You can follow Nick Arbuckle on Instagram for daily exercises.