OTTAWA -- As many businesses face challenges amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the electric bike and scooter industry is finding success.

Ottawa business owners say e-bikes and scooters are growing in popularity in the capital.

“We definitely see a trend moving toward where people are going to be jumping on more and more of these,” said Stephan Gonthier, owner of eScooters Ottawa.

“Either to get to work quicker, to get around quicker, or even just explore the city in a totally different way.”

Gonthier’s new business sells and rents scooters in Ottawa.

“It’s totally safe to get on one of these with a couple of friends. You’re still doing your social distancing, however it’s just an exciting adventure jumping on one of these,” he said.

Gonthier has partnered with Escape Tours and Rentals on Sparks Street, and says so far the Scooter rentals are a big hit: they sold out last weekend and this week.

“We are offering something exciting and new in the city and the city needs it, because people can’t go anywhere,” added Maria Rasouli, Owner of Escape Tours and Rentals.

The rental aspect of the industry isn’t alone in its success. Sales of e-bikes and scooters are also on the rise.

“This year has been a record year for us in terms of sales and service on electric bicycles,” said William Leischman, CEO of Scooteretti.

Leischman said he’s seen a major spike in the purchase of e-bikes and scooters since the pandemic began.

“Rather than taking that expensive trip to Europe, Asia, or to South America, or even to the U.S, they’re investing in buying an electric bicycle,” he said.