That's a wrap on CTV News Ottawa’s live coverage of the Ontario election results, on a big night for Doug Ford and the Ontario PCs.

For full results in Ottawa ridings, visit this story. In Eastern Ontario ridings, visit this story.

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As of midnight, CTV News had not yet declared PC candidate Stephane Sarrazin the winner in Glengarry-Prescott-Russell over incumbent Liberal Amanda Simard. However, Sarrazin was up by more than 1,600 votes with nearly 88 per cent of the polls reporting, well on his way to a victory.

Meet the new MPPs in Ottawa following the Ontario election.

Here is the party standings in Ottawa:

  • PC Party: 3 seats
  • Liberals: 3 seats
  • NDP: 2 seats

Cheers at Chandra Pasma's election night party at the news that she has defeated PC incumbent Jeremy Roberts in Ottawa West-Nepean.

Voter turnout in Ottawa (as of 11:25 p.m.)

  • Carleton – 48.7 per cent
  • Kanata-Carleton – 46.2 per cent
  • Nepean – 32.5 per cent
  • Orleans – 46.2 per cent
  • Ottawa Centre – 48.5 per cent
  • Ottawa South – 42 per cent
  • Ottawa Vanier – 37.2 per cent
  • Ottawa West-Nepean – 46.4 per cent

CTV News declares that NDP candidate Chandra Pasma has knocked off PC Party incumbent Jeremy Roberts in the riding of Ottawa West-Nepean.

Pasma had lots the riding by 175 votes in 2018.

Chandra Pasma

Progressive Conservative Jeremy Roberts has conceded in the riding of Ottawa West-Nepean.

Roberts held the seat since the 2018 election.

New Democratic candidate Chandra Pasma will be the new MPP for Ottawa West-Nepean, the first time an NDP MPP has represented the riding.

Roberts declined to speak with reporters are conceding defeat. 

The Progressive Conservatives will form a majority government at Queen's Park.

Seat totals as of 10:40 p.m.

  • PC Party: 82 seats
  • NDP: 29 seats
  • Liberals: Eight seats
  • Green party: One seat

Liberal leader Stephen Del Duca has resigned as leader of the Ontario Liberal Party.

Del Duca did not win his own riding.

NDP leader Andrea Horwath resigns as leader of the New Democratic Party.

"It's time to pass the torch … I'm not shedding tears of sadness but tears of pride."

Horwath has been leader of the party since 2009.

The NDP will form the official opposition at Queen's Park, winning 29 seats across Ontario.

The media was not allowed into Nepean candidate Lisa MacLeod's campaign office for her victory party. MacLeod was re-elected in the riding of Nepean.


Ottawa Centre MPP-elect Joel Harden is calling for new leadership in the New Democratic Party.

"It's time for new leadership," Harden told supporters are winning a second term.

Harden would not say if he would seek the party leadership.

NDP Leader Andrea Horwath was first elected as leader of the NDP in 2009, leading the party to opposition status in the 2018 election.

The votes continue to be counted in the riding of Ottawa West-Nepean.

NDP candidate Chandra Pasma is leading PC Party incumbent Jeremy Roberts by fewer than 300 votes.

CTV News projects Progressive Conservative Lisa MacLeod re-elected in Nepean.

MacLeod was first elected MPP in Nepean-Carleton in 2006, and this will be her fifth term at Queen's Park.

Lisa MacLeod

CTV News projects Progressive Conservative John Jordan the winner in Lanark-Frontenac-Kingston.

Randy Hillier won the riding as a Progressive Conservative in 2018, before being removed from caucus. Hillier did not seek re-election.

John Jordan

CTV News projects Progressive Conservative Ric Bresee is the winner in Hastings-Lennox and Addington.

Progressive Conservative Daryl Kramp is not seeking re-election.

Ric Bresee

All eyes are on the riding of Ottawa West-Nepean

At 9:47 p.m., NDP Chandra Pasma leads PC Jeremy Roberts by 249 votes.

CTV News declares Doug Ford and the Progressive Conservative Party have won a second majority mandate.

The CTV News decision desk projects the NDP will form the official opposition at Queen's Park.

CTV News projects Liberal leader Steven Del Duca will not win in the riding of Vaughan-Woodbridge

CTV News declares Liberal Lucille Collard the winner in Ottawa-Vanier.

Collard has represented the riding of Ottawa-Vanier since winning a 2020 byelection. The Liberals have represented the riding since 1971.

Lucille Collard

CTV News declares Liberal Ted Hsu the winner in the riding of Kingston and the Islands.

The New Democrats lose the seat. The riding was previously held by NDP Ian Arthur, who did not seek re-election.

Ted Hsu

CTV News declares Liberal John Fraser re-elected in Ottawa South.

Fraser has represented the riding since 2013.

John Fraser

CTV News declares Progressive Conservative Steve Clark re-elected in Leeds-Grenville-Thousand Islands and Rideau Lakes.

Clark has represented the riding since 2010.

Steve Clark

CTV News declares Progressive Conservative Nolan Quinn the winner in Stormont-Dundas and South Glengarry

Progressive Conservative MPP Jim McDonell didn't seek re-election.

Nolan Quinn

CTV News declares NDP Joel Harden the winner in Ottawa Centre.

Harden will serve a second consecutive mandate as the MPP at Queen's Park.

Joel Harden

CTV News declares Progressive Conservative Todd Smith the winner in the Bay of Quinte.

Todd Smith

CTV News declares Progressive Conservative Merrilee Fullerton the winner in Kanata-Carleton.

The Minister of Children, Community and Social Services will serve a second term at Queen's Park.

Merrilee Fullerton

CTV News declares Progressive Conservative Goldie Ghamari is the winner in the riding of Carleton.

Ghamari will serve as second term as MPP for Carleton are winning the 2018 election in the newly formed riding.

Goldie Ghamari

CTV News declares Liberal Stephen Blais the winner in Orleans.

Blais has been MPP in Orleans since winning a 2020 byelection.

Stephen Blais

CTV News declares Progressive Conservative John Yakabuski the winner in Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke.

Yakabuski has represented the riding since 2003.

John Yakabuski


CTV News declares the Progressive Conservatives will win the Ontario election.

Doug Ford will serve a second term as Premier of Ontario.

Polls are closed in the Ontario election.

CTV News Ottawa will update the election results here.

Haven't voted yet? It's not too late - the polls close at 9 p.m. You can find your voting location here.

Candidates usually hold gatherings on election night for supporters. It’s common practice for the candidates and their teams to let media know where they will be, so reporters can get reaction to the results.

This campaign, nearly every candidate passed along that information to CTV News Ottawa when they were asked. But Lisa MacLeod, seeking a fifth election as MPP in Nepean, has been radio silent.

CTV News reached out to her campaign staff to ask, but never heard back. Staff in the PC Party’s media office also did not respond to questions about where her gathering would be taking place.

The polls close in just over an hour and we still don’t know if MacLeod’s holding a gathering for supporters and, if so, where it’s happening.

CTV News Ottawa chief anchor Graham Richardson with the latest on delays in voting at some stations across Ontario.

Ottawa-Vanier isn't the only riding where results will be delayed. Nineteen ridings across the province will see results delayed, some by as much as two hours.


Visit here for a full list.

Voting hours at Poll 018 in Ottawa-Vanier will be extended by 24 minutes.

Several polling stations across Ontario will stay open past the planned closing time of 9 p.m. Elections Ontario says Poll 018 in Ottawa-Vanier will close at 9:24 p.m.

All other polling stations will close at 9 p.m.

There are several ridings to watch in the Ottawa area tonight.

In Ottawa West—Nepean in 2018, PC candidate Jeremy Roberts beat NDP candidate Chandra Pasma by fewer than 200 votes.

Now the two candidates are running again, with Roberts seeking a second term as MPP.

In Ottawa Centre, NDP MPP Joel Harden is seeking re-election. The riding was previously Liberal for 15 years, with candidate Katie Gibbs hoping to retake it for the party.

And in Glengarry—Prescott—Russell, Liberal MP Amanda Simard is hoping to win re-election. She won as a PC candidate in 2018, but later left the party over cuts to francophone education.

She and PC candidate Stephane Sarrazin have been neck-and-neck the whole campaign, polling has shown.

Elections Ontario says it has fixed a problem that saw no voter information data flowing to political parties for much of Thursday morning after polls opened.

The issue did not affect polling stations for voters, but rather the information that flows to parties to let them know who has or has not voted, which is known as "strike-off data."

That data is used by parties to figure out who they need to try to get out to polling stations.

CTV's Graham Richardson is live in downtown Ottawa tonight covering the election results, but he may have been waylaid by the smell of ribs...