The RCMP is responding today to a multi-million dollar lawsuit launched by a former member of the RCMP Musical Ride. The police force says it was aware of complaints 25 years ago from the female officer and investigated those complaints. The RCMP says it is disappointed that Staff Sergeant Caroline O'Farrell is now suing them over incidents that allegedly happened in the 1980's.

The allegations are serious: the lawsuit is claiming more than $8 million dollars in damages from the Attorney General and 13 former colleagues of the Musical Ride.

In a statement of claim filed yesterday, Staff Sergeant Caroline O'Farrell alleges that she was sexually assaulted, abused, and bullied by other members of the Ride.  The lawsuit claims RCMP investigated and substantiated more than 100 incidents of harassment but that no real action was taken against those harassing her. But today, RCMP said they had dealt with the incident in 1987. In a statement, they said: "Certain members involved were disciplined and the inappropriate practices were banned."

And that then-Commissioner Norman Inkster said "Once we learned of it, swift and appropriate action was taken."

The lawsuit, though, claims the action was neither swift nor appropriate and that most of O'Farrell’s harassers continue to work for the RCMP.  According to the statement of claim, some have been promoted.