Gatineau Police confirm a reporter was arrested this week, after the CBC reported one of its French-language reporters was accused of criminal harassment.

In a statement posted to its website, the public broadcaster says Gatineau-based reporter Antoine Trépanier was investigating a woman the CBC says acted as a lawyer without permission.

Trépanier reached out to Big Brothers Big Sisters Outaouais executive director Yvonne Dubé Monday for her side of the story, according to the statement. She agreed to be interviewed at first, but later refused. Trépanier sent her an email Tuesday, once again offering a chance to comment.

That evening, Trépanier was called by Gatineau Police, who told him he was being arrested and must report to the police station. He signed a promise to appear and is due back in court in June.

Gatineau Police say the complainant told officers she was being threatened by a man and feared for her safety.

"We find that his arrest was unfounded, that he was only doing his job and that he was 100% respectful of CBC standards and journalistic practices," Radio-Canada Director of French Services in Ottawa-Gatineau, Yvan Cloutier, says in a statement.

Gatineau Police said in a press release late Thursday night that they treat all complaints impartially, believed this complaint was credible, and never intended to interfere with freedom of the press. Neither Trépanier nor Dubé were identified in the press release, but Gatineau Police did say the release was in response to the CBC’s report.

The CBC says Trépanier will continue to serve as a journalist while the case proceeds. Trépanier has not yet been formally charged.