In a precedent setting case Thursday, a judge in Quebec found Paws R Us to be a puppy mill after a guilty plea from the owners.

Nicole Labombard and her mother Charlene agreed to give up ownership of the dogs taken from their property in September. 

Humane Society International raided the Clarendon farm, seizing more than 500 dogs living in deplorable conditions.

In exchage of the guilty plea, the former owners do not have pay the sheltering costs incurred.

Officials with HSI Canada say it cost $6,000 per day.

A judge ruled the Labombard family, which operated the puppy mill, will lose custody of 607 dogs and have to pay a fine.

The dogs, and more than a hundred puppies born since the seizure now belong to the Quebec government and can be adopted out.

The decision was met with screams of surprise and delight by animal welfare advocates who were in court in Campbell's Bay, Quebec.