WARNING: This report may offend some members of the audience.

The opening of a provocative exhibit at the child-friendly Science and Technology Museum continues to receive mixed reactions.

Museum officials say "Sex: A Tell-All" is an educational tool and does not promote sex. Others though have expressed concerns over the exhibit's provactive content.

Heritage Minister James Moore has complained about the exhibit at the federally-funded museum. He commented on the exhibit in the House of Commons on Thursday. 

"In my opinion it's not appropriate for young, underage children to be exposed to sexually explicit material without the consent of their parents," he said.

Other lawmakers disagreed.

"It's not the 1950's," said NDP MP Andrew Cash. "It's important we talk about sex with our kids."

After receiving a number of complaints, museum officials were forced to pull an animated video on masturbation. They also raised the entry age requirement from 12 to 16.

"We decided to remove the short clip that showed male and female masturbation. There was concern about that video being to graphic," said museum official Yves St-Onge.

Despite the removal of the video, some argue the exhibit is still too provocative.

"I think this portrayal of sexuality is irresponsible and frankly dangerous for young people," said Natalie Hudson Sonnen.

Some teens at the museum said the exhibit didn't bother them.

"There's nothing yet that has hit me that's too out there," said Catherine Cloutier.

One couple brought their three-year-old daughter.

"Covering it in shame doesn't make it go away and I think it's important to be made aware of it as soon as possible," said Robin Uney.

The exhibit will be on display until January 2013. It was also featured at museums in Montreal and Regina.

With a report from CTV Ottawa's Joanne Schnurr.