Kanata-Carleton PC Candidate Merrilee Fullerton is responding after the Liberals revealed tweets she sent out in 2015.

Wednesday the Liberals revealed tweets when Fullerton criticized the niqab and hijabs.

One saying, “Imagine sending your 4 year old child to school for the first time under the authority of a masked teacher. Comfortable? #niqab,”

Speaking at an event marking the start of Ramadan Liberal Candidate Stephanie Maghnam says, “Today we learned some disturbing information about some candidates from opposing parties including my opponent.”

Maghnam called the information divisive that “pit differences against group and particularly the Muslim community.”

Liberal Leader Kathleen Wynne was also at the event, saying “We are somehow on social media and in the political discussion... Stephanie mentioned certain candidates. But it is bigger than one candidate.”

Fullerton released a statement that said in part, “Today, the Wynne Liberals again attempted to distract from their abysmal record of mismanagement and waste, by attacking my character.”

It went on the say, “As a physician, I have served people in our community from all walks of life, religions and cultures for 26 years. My core values have always been to serve and respect all people.”

The statement also says that Fullerton spent the day with the local Muslim community and attended Friday prayers at the Richcraft Centre.