OTTAWA -- Big box stores, manufacturers and warehouses in Ottawa could receive a visit from provincial inspectors this weekend.

The Ontario government is launching targeted health and safety blitzes, focusing on keeping workers safe in hot spot regions across the province.

Officers will also be visiting more than 500 workplaces, including big box stores, in Ottawa, Toronto and York Region.

The government says 200 workplace inspectors, supported by provincial offences officers, will also visit 1,300 construction sites across Ontario to enforce safety requirements

Inspectors will be checking that employers understand the risks associated with COVID-19, including how to reduce the spread in their workplace, and that measures and procedures are in place to keep workers safe.

They will also be ensuring that workers are practising safe work habits both on the clock and on breaks, checking for physical distancing and wearing appropriate personal protective equipment when required.


Last Friday, Medical officer of health Dr. Vera Etches announced new rules for businesses remaining open during the stay-at-home order in a bid to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

  • Requirements for businesses to actively monitor and manage capacity limits in businesses, and physical distancing and masking in outdoor line-ups as people wait to access the business
  • At minimum, one staff person must be designated to monitor and manage the applicable capacity limit and verify compliance with the physical distancing and mask-wearing requirements of individuals in line-ups
  • Increased reporting requirements when two or more people test positive for COVID-19 within a 14-day interval in connection to the workplace
  • Ensuring that all employees are aware of any benefits and/or pay to which they may be entitled in the event that they must isolate
  • Documentation of how your workplace will do this, is required in your workplace COVID-19 safety plan