Protesters on both sides of the political spectrum clashed at rival rallies on Parliament Hill Saturday.

A small contingent of people with the new right wing alliance group the Canadian Coalition of Concerned Citizens (CCCC) arrived on Parliament Hill late morning to show their disapproval for the Liberal government's current immigration policies, as well as its new proposal to increase taxes on small businesses. 

Its organizer, Georges Hallak, said the gathering was about free speech.

"I feel sorry for them that they feel that we are about expressing hate. That is not the case," he said. "It's about making sure every person comes here legally, with respect for the law of the land and taking courses on Canadian laws and Canadian values before entering the country."

That gathering faced off with a much larger group of so-called anti-fascists and individuals looking to condemn what they called hate speech and neo-Nazi beliefs. Protesters chanted "No Fascists, no racists" and carried signs saying "Make the right afraid again." 

Riot police were called in to separate the two sides after several scuffles, both verbal and physical, between the two opposing parties. Dozens of police were on hand to keep the peace throughout the event. 

No arrests or injuries were reported.